Finalist, First Cut Competition sponsored by Industreal

Gravity weighs on us all. It pulls us downward, keeping us firmly anchored to this planet we call earth. Most of the time we fight against it. We stand up straight as we were taught to do while growing up. We exercise in the attempt to keep everything in it’s place. But, when we are relaxed or tired, we tend to slide into our favorite chair or sofa. Cradled in comfort our shoulders roll forward, our backs begin to curve and we find a less rigid more natural position. Ahhh… this is the way it is meant to be.

And, just as we try to stand tall most of the time, so do the objects around us. The stacks we make as we organize our lives grow higher and higher, until a shift in weight causes them to come tumbling down. They too desire to slide into a more natural position. Curved and relaxed, giving into the pull of gravity, they long to rest in a cradle of their own – and now they have one.